Reflect makes it easy to
remember the important stuff
in your Evernote account

How does it work?

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Review, rethink, reflect

Using simple and effective flashcards, Reflect regularly reminds you what you’ve saved. The more you review, the more you remember.

This learning technique trains your memory to absorb information on a deeper level, to be recalled and used at any time. Some call it spaced repetition — we call it reflection.

Take your pile of ever-growing notes stored in the cloud, and let Reflect turn it into an archive of knowledge stored in your mind.

Use Reflect for memorising e-book clippings, reviewing lecture notes, keeping ideas and thoughts fresh in your mind.
Enjoy Reflect on desktop, tablet and smartphone, 24/7.

Why use Reflect?

Evernote may be your digital memory, brilliantly storing your thoughts, ideas, notes and clippings. But what if you don’t regularly review and reflect on the important stuff?

It gets lost, buried under new notes, or forgotten in a rarely visited corner of your mind.

Reflect helps you memorise and reflect on your notes, by scheduling regular flashcards reviews of what you’ve saved in Evernote.

Call it the “eat little and often” approach to learning and reflection. When you take smaller bites, more regularly, you digest things easier.

"Reviewing becomes routine, remembering becomes a habit"

Ready to start reconnecting with what’s in your Evernote account?

Reflect in any place, at any time

Reflect works on any device — smartphone, tablet or desktop. Got a spare 5 minutes? Just launch Reflect and away you go.

Find hidden treasure

Reflect races through your archive and presents your notes to you. Rediscover the hidden value of your Evernote account.

Stress-free learning

Use filters to choose the schedule and frequency of flashcard reviews and notifications. Perhaps during morning coffee? Or after dinner?

What people are saying

"I collect lots of interesting stuff in Evernote and I forget that I have them. But now my unknown knowns are rapidly becoming known knowns, thanks to Reflect. Great tool!"

"I am impressed. Reflect reminded me of long forgotten notes which I enjoyed reading again, and gave me fresh ideas and inspiration - just what I needed."

"Reflect makes a longstanding wish of mine come true."

"The regular review process helps me find ideas and also shifts my attention toward things I wanted to write about but haven’t yet. Reflect draws me towards all of that, which is incredibly convenient."

"Reflect parsed my notes in daily reviews that gave me a chance to review smaller chunks of a massive notebook. I’m impressed with the easy, intuitive interface and schedule setup."

"I've set Reflect up to review several types of notes. It's awesome! I've even been able to delete dozens of old notes to clean up my notebooks."

"Reflect has brought order to my years old Evernote account. We need more solutions like this."

"I’ve set up a schedule to see 10 notes per day. Love it already after only using it for 10 notes."

Tom Callaghan

"I'm liking Reflect more and more as I use it."

Tools that work great with Reflect

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We have partnered with the very useful which lets you organize the notes you make on your Kindle and exports them to Evernote.